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(Titanium Dioxide)


Titanium dioxide, chemical formula TiO2, commonly known as titanium dioxide, is used in photocatalyst and cosmetics. It can conduct disinfection and sterilization via UV or visible light, and there are already some TiO2 products on the market. Titanium dioxide is a catalyst that reacts with water to produce hydrogen and oxygen, which can then be made into a photocatalyst to purify the air. It can eliminate 25% to 45% of the nitrogen oxide in vehicle emissions, for the treatment of excessive PM2.5 air pollution.


  • paint, plastics, rubber

  • food coloring

  • sunscreen and UV absorbers, used in cosmetics

  • dye-sensitized solar cell

  • white crystalline TiO2 has a high refractive index, can be used as a gem

  • correction fluid, correction tape