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(Sodium Carboxy Metyhl Cellulose)


Food Grade –

Cellulose gum is made of natural cellulose and food dedicated raw materials. Our production process is strictly controlled as per HACCP. Our product is listed in table A.2 - list of food additives which can be properly added to all kinds of food as per production request, the catalogue of China National Food Additive Standards (GB2760-2014). Ever Bright CMC conforms to JECFA (FAO/WHO), USP, FDA 21 CFR 182.1745, and JSFA.

Daily Chemistry –

Toothpaste Grade CMC is a kind of high-purity cellulose ether derived from natural cellulose. Its solution has high transmittance, better rheological and thixotropic property. CMC plays as emulsifier, stabilizer and thickener in the toothpaste industry, which provides viscosity, stand-up or structure, syneresis control, good pressing and dispersing capabilities.

Coating Grade –

CMC is a very important ionic water-soluble cellulose ether, which has outstanding performance as following:

(1) Water-solubility: soluble in hot or cold water via simple mixing equipment.

(2) Extremely low ash content: having excellent stability and dispersing capability when serve as latex thickener.

(3) Preferable compatibility: having good compatibility with water-soluble glue, softening agent and resin.

(4) No pharmacological action, nontoxic and harmless to physiology.

(5) Uniform substitute distribution, sufficient substitution, and strong antibacterial performance.



Food Grade –

Food Grade CMC is a high-purity, fine cellulose ether, which can be used in food, yogurt, acidic beverages and refreshments. It shows excellent thickening effectiveness, emulsification and formation ability, expansibility, stability and freshness-preservation ability as a water solvable semi-biopolymer.

Daily Chemistry –

Toothpaste Grade CMC has a good homogeneous distribution of substitutes, superior acid resistance and salt tolerance, and excellent compatibility with other ingredients of toothpaste. CMC offers favorable appearance, temperature-resistance, improved anti-microbial effectiveness and moisture retention for toothpaste body.

Coating Grade –

CMC can be used as a binder and plasticizer in ceramic body, and it also can serve as suspension agent and color fixing agent in glaze. Ceramics grade CMC improves bonding strength and durability against mechanic wearing of ceramic body, leaving no remnants after burning. CMC also improves the combination between the body and the glaze, increasing dispersing and stability of the glaze due to its capabilities of thickening, suspension, dispersing and binding.