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Sodium Benzoate


White granules or crystalline powder; odorless, has sweet astringency; soluble in water, with solubility of about 53.0g /100ml.



Sodium benzoate is an acidic preservative, with no bactericidal effect in alkaline medium. The best PH for preservation is 2.5-4.0. At PH5.0, the bactericidal effect of 5% solution is not optimal. Sodium benzoate has high lipophilicity, which make it easy to penetrate the cell membrane into the cell body, interfere with cell membrane permeability, and inhibit the absorption of amino acids into the cell membrane. Sodium benzoate can enter the cell, ionize and acidify the alkaline storage within the cell, and inhibit the activity of the cell’s respiratory enzymes, preventing acetyl-CoA condensation reaction, thus serving the purpose of food preservation.