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Epoxy Resin


Epoxy resin has the characteristics of superb chemical stability, strong adhesive force, low shrinkage rate, and excellent anti-shock performance. It allows products to have favorable chemical properties, water resistance, solvent resistance, and mechanical properties.



Epoxy resin can be used in the production of insulation materials, castables, laminates, maceration materials, adhesives, coatings, fiberglass, epoxy floors, etc., and has a wide range of applications in the fields of electronics, machinery, shipbuilding, construction, and civilian use. 

Epoxy is widely used in:

l   coatings and adhesives

l   mold-casting all kinds of electronic devices, integrated circuit packaging materials, and circuit boards

l   manufacturing industrial parts and products

l   the inner layer of aluminum cans, especially for acidic foods or beverages, such as soda

l   civil structure reinforcement, and can be used with carbon fiber or glass fiber to become reinforcement material with very high tensile strength

l   the production of artificial stone


20 KG/ Iron Drum, 200 KG/Iron Drum