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(Urea Moulding Compound)


① Favorable anti-flexing performance

② Favorable impact resistance

③ Favorable thermal stability

④ Favorable electrical performance

⑤ Favorable arc resistance

⑥ Favorable anti-arc tracking

⑦ Excellent flame retardant performance

⑧ Outstanding surface hardness

⑨ Outstanding anti-fatigue strength

⑩ Product surface is clean, smooth, and abrasion resistant

⑪ During the manufacturing process, the product could be blended with adhesive-backed paper or cloth

⑫ Favorable oil and lipids resistance and organic solution properties

⑬ Moderate resistance to weak acid and alkali



① low-voltage electrical appliances, switches, plugs, sockets, lamp holders, circuit breakers, etc.

② bottles and lids (for drugs, spices, perfumes, etc.)

③ toilet covers and attachments

④ buttons

⑤ dominoes, mahjong cards, trays, decorative plates, etc.