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(Polyamide 6)


Polyamide 6 (PA6) has excellent impact resistance and is more flexible than PA66. It is resistant to lipids and chemicals, has high dyeability, and the finished product has better molded surface and is easier to process than PA66. It is divided into two grades: engineering plastic (industrial) grade and spinning (textile) grade.

Engineering Plastic Grade –

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we provide nylon chips with different specifications, and the viscosity range is from RV2.35 to RV3.3, some even higher.

Spinning Grade –

On top of its outstanding stability and low rate of monomer production, it also has the following characteristics: 

A.  Enhanced stability when melting.

B.  Large volume of picramic acid and favorable dye absorption.

C.  Excellent performance in durability.


The main use of PA6 are textile spinning, tire cord, compounding, monofilament, fishing net, BCF carpet and BOPA film, etc.

Engineering Plastic Grade –

Injections, extrusions, both injection & extrusion, E&E, OA machine parts, equipment housings, compounds, fibers, sports equipment, gears, automotive parts, carpets, fishnets, monofilaments, safety belts, and packaging films.

Spinning Grade –

Textile spinning, tire cords, compounding, monofilaments, fishnets, BCF carpets and BOPA films, etc .