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Brominated Epoxy Resin


Brominated epoxy resin (BE or BEO) has been widely applied in the electronics, automobile, office equipment, and household electric appliances industries, due to its superb electrical performance and its physical and mechanical properties. Furthermore, this product has outstanding melt-flow rate, high flame-retardant efficiency, superior thermal resistance and light stability, and allows flame retardant materials to have favorable physical and mechanical properties. Thus, BE is widely used as the flame retardant for thermoplastic materials such as PBT, PET, ABS, Nylon 66, thermoplastic urethane, and PC/ABS plastic alloy.


With high content of bromine, brominated epoxy resin is especially suitable as the flame retardant for paper-based or cloth-based laminates. This series of brominated epoxy resin products can meet the flame retardant demands of various materials such as castables, maceration materials, coating, adhesive agents, etc.



Brominated Epoxy Resin, as flame retardants, not only can replace common epoxy resins, and but also possess excellent flame retardant properties, so it is widely applied in numerous fields, such as:

1. Electrical and electronics fields (printed circuit boards, insulation powder, coating, and electrical laminate, etc.)

2. Series of styrene resins (ABS, PS, PC/ABS)

3. Engineering plastics (PET, PBT, PA66)

4. Thermosetting resins (phenolic resins, unsaturated polyesters)

5. Semiconductor sealing material