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(Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose)


Based on normal HEMC, we also can provide modified HEMC according to customers' requirements. After modification and surface treatment, we can create products that are quickly dispersed in water, lengthen open time, anti-sagging, etc.



• Adhesives: Wallpaper adhesives, latex adhesives, plywood adhesives

• Binders: Welding rods, ceramic glaze, foundry cores

• Coatings: Latex paint, texture paint

• Cosmetics: Hair conditioners, toothpaste, liquid soaps and bubble bath, hand creams and lotions

• Laundry Aids: Fabric finishes, aerosol starches, liquid cleaners

• Miscellaneous: Joint cements, hydraulic cements, plaster, caulking compound and putty, printing inks, asphalt emulsions

• Paper: Coating colors, size press solutions

• Pharmaceuticals: Lotions and emulsions, jellies and ointments

• Polymerization: PVAC and acrylic lattices, PVC suspension

• Textiles: Latex-back sizes, glass-fiber size, printing pastes