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(Polyamide 6,6)


Polyamide 66 (PA66), generally known as Nylon 66, is a type of high-crystalline straight-chain polycondensation polymer, in which the repeating units are held together by an amide group (-CONH-). Its features include: high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, is unaffected by oils, solvents and chemicals, and contains low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating properties.


Nylon 66 could be made into products via direct injection. In addition, its mechanical properties could be improved by compounding with other materials. Therefore, its features of dimensional stability, impact and flame retardant, low temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance, could be enhanced to adapt to the requirements of various industries (such as electronics, electrical, communications, automotive, toys, kitchenware, mechanics, electronic appliances, precision instruments, and others), so as to expand its field of application.

From the perspective of end use, the automotive industry accounts for the majority of consumption of nylon 66, with electronics placing second. Other fields of application include instrumentation, machinery, automotive components, home appliances, oil pipes, precision engineering products, and textiles, and it could also be used for the production of sporting goods, daily necessities, and medical equipment.